ISIS Womens Art Festival, Posters, Flyers & Event Program

Client: Steel Grace Dance, Seattle

I designed the promotional material for ISIS festival for the 2012 and 2013 events. It’s a grassroots festival centered on an array of arts and strong feminist roots. I created designs reflecting the strength and simplicity of their core mission while adding dynamism and textures through typography. The promotional design in 2012 got the festival noticed by more venues and in 2013 placed it into the Burke Museum. This project has been close to my heart for its content gave me the freedom to be artistic from the get go. I knew some participating artists well and others only on paper, but their poems, paintings and bios helped me design the program to reflect their art and combined vision.

Promotional poster and flyer ISIS-2013

In 2013 ISIS was held at the Burke Museum, Seattle, in collaboration with the Women Empowerment exhibition. I created a minimalistic graphic to represent the ISIS women.

Program Brochure 2013

This brochure contained biographies of the artists involved in the event. The idea was to represent the artists based on the work they created. This was achieved by designing the graphics for every artist individually.

Event poster 2013

ISIS was to be held at Seattle Center in the year 2013. This poster was created to be a part of the proposal submitted to hold the venue.

Event poster 2012

This poster was used to promote the event in the year 2012. My strong focus here was visual textures created through typography, graphics and colors.